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2 Strategies for Finding Time to Study the Drum Kit

How do I find time to study continuously? For me time is the most important thing we have, nobody gives it back to us and therefore our choices are fundamental to achieve our goals.

You’re probably motivated, but you understand that if you don’t have a daily or almost daily continuity, it’s very difficult to achieve results.

To understand this, it is better to study half an hour a day than three hours on Saturday afternoons. But if you stay half an hour a day you just can’t get it, how can you do it?

Let’s see the cases. If you are a student, this is a problem that doesn’t exist. As long as you go to school, even if you have a busy university, you always get one hour a day. It’s mostly a matter of time organization.

The real problem is when you work all day, maybe you have a family and so you arrive home in the evening is not over yet …

So I want to tell you about my experience. Despite being a professional musician, my time is extremely limited. First, because I have a lot of work, second, because I have three small daughters and to get the space to do what I want, I had to follow precise strategies.

These are two strategies. The first strategy is to give up something.

The main assumption is that you have to understand if really studying the drums is your main goal, that is how motivated you are in wanting to get those 30-60 minutes a day.

So giving up something that you consider less important shouldn’t be so heavy.

Example: Do you play soccer every Wednesday night with your friends? Go there once a month. Do you go to the gym every day on your lunch break? Go there a day if you are not a day.

Give up on something, write down on a sheet of paper all the extra work you do and put a real priority:

A) play the drums

B) go to the gym

C) study –°hinese

If, on the other hand, you have a calendar so full of commitments that you can’t even give up some of your passion, then there is another system that I have been experimenting with for almost the whole of 2016.

This system is: waking up early in the morning.

“What? Waking up early in the morning? Are you crazy? I already wake up at seven, when should I wake up?”

Wake up at five…

I’ve been doing this for almost a whole year. Having small daughters so that I could work on my projects, the only chance I had was to wake up before they woke up. So from 5:15 a.m. until 7:30 a.m., I could get on with the work.

“But isn’t waking up so early tiring?

Not so much, because I organized myself well. In the evening I would write down what I was going to do the next morning, I would already be read with the following day’s objective. At five o’clock I woke up with drool in my mouth, I couldn’t wait to start…

Then I used a few stratagems. For example, I didn’t leave the alarm clock on the bedside table, I put it in the middle of the room so I was forced to get out of bed. It’s all a matter of mind. Of course, if I wake up at five, I don’t go to bed at one in the morning.

They are renunciations, but they are renunciations with an end, so for me they are not renunciations.

There were days when I was wondering: “but, what the hell am I doing, I wake up at five in the morning to stay and design PDF guides, videos, websites, but who makes me do it?”.

But in those moments I always thought of a phrase that has remained strongly imprinted on me. And that sentence says:

“If you want to be what you never were, you have to do something you never did.”

If you also have this real willingness to achieve goals, it won’t be a problem to do so.

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