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Drum Drumsticks Drum Art

The Drum Art builds its own models of drumsticks completely at home and checks them at all stages of production, from the choice of wood, the control of the grain, the aging, etc. The construction is entrusted to the precision lathe that calibrates up to the thousandth the set procedure and not to end up they are manually re-checked, accurately weighed, coupled and then put together to make the pair for sale. Most drumsticks models are built-in Hickory (American Walnut), others in Maple and custom ones are in exotic woods.

Made in Italy drumsticks, models of high craftsmanship that certainly don’t lack precision. Here I give advice on which musical instrument to choose.

Drumstick models proposed by Drum Art

Drum Art Drumsticks 5A

The 5A model is the classic medium rod, suitable for all types of hand both in terms of length and weight. Made entirely in Hickory, it has excellent resistance to percussion on skins and plates thanks to the shape of the acorn tip that offers a good weight forward and good attack and definition on the drums. The length is 406 mm and the diameter is 14, 25 mm.

Drum Art Drum 5AL

The 5AL model is like a 5A rod but with a few millimeters more. With precision, they are 5 millimeters of difference that give this model more weight forward (classic Fusion model) and maintain the same diameter and the same tip. Greater comfort in general on the drum set especially in the case of sounds with little arm movement and a certain immobility of the trunk is desired. The length is 411 millimeters and the diameter is 14, 25 mm (millimeters).

Drum Art Drumsticks 5B

The 5B size has a larger diameter than the 5A size and is intended for a decidedly larger hand and especially for rock and pop lovers. The 5B chopsticks always have a gland tip and a stronger body with a decent balance. The length is 410mm (millimeters) and the diameter is 15.25mm.

Drum Art Drum Sticks 5B Concert

The 5B Concert measure is much used, almost as much as the classical 5Bs, unlike these, however, they have a more robust neck and the tip, rather than being a gland, is round in this model. Drumsticks with dimensions of 410mm for the lengths and 15.25 for the diameter.

Drum Art Drumsticks 5BM

The 5BM has the same shape and size as a 5B Concert, so the grip is the same with the difference that the wood with which it is built is maple (hence the acronym M as Maple). This wand is the right compromise between a large model and a light one at the same time.

Drum Art Drumsticks 2B

Drumsticks for big thugs are certainly those that the Drum Art presents with the 2B model, with a much larger diameter, sturdy neck but with an excellent balance that still allows a decent rebound. The ideal stick for those who play loud, rock and heavy metal has the gland tip and the measurements are 410mm for the length and 15mm for the thickness at the grip.

Drum Art Marching Drumsticks

The wand that bounces more is necessarily the Marching model which, having a much larger diameter than the classic drumsticks, also has a smaller neck than usual and the tip, also very pronounced, is round. The dimensions are length 430 mm and diameter 18 mm.

Drum Art Drumsticks

These are the sticks that the Italian company offers for classical drum players, orchestra so to speak. This model is designed in a completely different way. Being a model that the Drum Art sells only on demand, one might think that it is almost a model of customized sticks. Starting from wood, you can choose from various precious woods such as Ebony, Rosewood, and the African Rose. Each model can also be customized with abbreviations or different types of lettering, including gold ones.

Drumsticks Drum Art Signature Drumsticks patterns

Maurizio Lazzaretti model chopsticks

Many years of experience have allowed the maestro Maurizio Dei Lazzaretti to be a drummer capable of deciding the weight, size, response and balance of a wand and it is thanks to Drum Art that the maestro Dei Lazzretti managed to build a stick for how it serves to he with a fast and powerful response: gland tip, 408mm long and 15.25mm diameter.

Marcello Surace model sticks

Another drummer who could not miss in the Drum Art family was Marcello Surace who thanks to his drumming so precise. The wand signed by him is similar to the model of the Lazzaretti but with 2 mm less in length. This difference allows him greater control and more lightness on the ghost notes.

Drum Art Brushes


Facus brushes are the model that builds or distributes Drum Art. Very precise, they do not oxidize and have perfect closure.

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