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Learn to Play the Drum Kit With Five Drum Fills To Use Always

The fill is the musical moment in which it is easier to make a mistake, whether it is a slight inaccuracy or a major mistake, the risk is to send out the whole band time, so you have to be careful.

But why do we miss the fill? The problem of many drummers is to have enough “vocabulary” in real time, that is to get to the moment of the launch with something precise in the hands and in the head. If we jump into the void is very likely that we will play something inaccurate and that will lose stability in our groove.

With these simple fills you can rest assured that every time you have to create a launch, they are very classic that you can always use in many musical styles and at any time of metronome, because it is not said that a fill is always good in the context in which we play.

1. Evergreen

See fill: https://youtu.be/5f3C50DpqHk?t=50s=50s

Evergreen is made up of four alternating sixteenths on the snare drum: https://youtu.be/5f3C50DpqHk?t=50s

2. Sanremo Fill

See fill: https://youtu.be/5f3C50DpqHk?t=1m5s=1m5s

This is probably also the most used launch in the world: https://youtu.be/5f3C50DpqHk?t=1m5s

3. The “Melottata”

See fill: https://youtu.be/5f3C50DpqHk?t=1m20s

Filler number three, I called it “Melottata”. in honor of the great Lele Melotti, king of Italian pop, from whom we often hear him do: https://youtu.be/5f3C50DpqHk?t=1m20s

4. The crescendo

See fill: https://youtu.be/5f3C50DpqHk?t=1m40s

The fourth is “the crescendone”, put together snare drum and eardrum and go quietly that you never miss, but watch out for the unison between shots: https://youtu.be/5f3C50DpqHk?t=1m40s

5. Combo Fill

See fill: https://youtu.be/5f3C50DpqHk?t=2m1s

The number five is a combo, so a combination of “the crescendone” with one of the previous fills, for example we see more “Sanremo Fill” growing: https://youtu.be/5f3C50DpqHk?t=2m1s

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